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How quickly one’s fortunes can change, the ink had barely dried on the marriage certificate before unforeseen circumstances made it nearly impossible for Cole to flee from his guilty pleasures. Not only did Jenna, his gorgeous blonde-haired wife lose her independence, so did her desires for intimacy vanish. And where sex is usually the fabric of romantic unions, Cole and Jenna’s was non-existent. But for how long should Cole remain faithful? When the offerings of temptation eclipsed the monetary contributions on a populous Easter Sunday, even for a battle tested and devoted benedict, this warfare exposed a kink in his spiritual armor.


Frowned on by mishaps, Cole is now presented with a paradox. How tightly he tied the knot is open to controversy, but his selfless affection and unswerving loyalty for Jenna is indisputable.

Everything you want and need in a page turner. The scandal will draw you in, the suspense and drama will keep you reading...

Faith Deggins, Associate Producer of BET's "THE REAL"


..a nail bitting and emotionally riveting read that will have you questioning your opinions on love and relationships ...

Jasmine Sanders, Co-Host of Nationally Syndicated "D.L. Hughley Show" and TV Talent for Centric TV


"Intriguing, funny, vivid, and fast-paced...Not a dry moment in this shameless glimpse into the world of Pastors that humanizes them.

Kisha Shawn Johnson, Founder of New York's Traphic Magazine


A sweetie of drama, suspense, relationships scandals and erotica...Harris delivers a sharp edged sizzling work of art."  

Joy Daily, Producer and On Air Personality for Shade45 and Joy Daily TV


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